CAM Services


                    CNC programming services:
  Unless you are local, I will work off-site. Once your machine type and tooling preferences are defined, I will create a machine profile and tooling library tailored to your specifications.
  Send me your CAD file (2D or 3D). I'll send back renderings of the completed part and work closely with you until the product is exactly what you are looking for. Once complete, I'll send the CNC code via email, drop box or optical media. Along with the code will be a setup sheet describing part location, work offsets, fixturing, tool listing, operations, run times, a rendering of the part's location in the machine and upon request, a simulation video.
  Final tweaks and fine tuning to the CNC code will be included at no extra charge. Once complete,
you will receive all files generated during the project.

  Federal standard mileage rates apply for site visits.


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