Tail Heat Sink





Honey Bee FP Direct Drive Tail Motor Heat Sink

Mounts to XTreme DD Tail Motor





Extend the life of your XTreme Direct Drive tail motor. This specially designed heat sink provides outstanding cooling to help preserve your investment.

Extended flight times: A cooler motor draws fewer amps. Fewer amps = longer flight time!

Less waiting, more air time: Post flight heat spike held to a minimum. Quicker cool-down = quicker turn-around!

Fabricated from Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum.

Press-Fit design is ready to fly in minutes.

bulletMounts directly to Direct Drive Tail Motor
bulletLightweight (Weighs .139 oz [3.9g])
bulletNo Hardware Necessary
bulletComplete with Instructions


Description SKU Price
DD Tail Motor Heat Sink HBFP-DDTM-HS-A $14.91



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